The other night I was playing around on my Play Station and counted the buttons, there were no less than 17 buttons, knobs and switches. This works fine for me, but I was left wondering how people with less dexterity than myself manage to cope. So I decided to make a series of four fun games that can be controlled with a single input, such as a key-press, mouse button press or other simple form of input. I did some research, and found out there a number of devices out there that can attach to a computer to allow input.

Therefore, the games I make will be controllable by a single input, which will initially include the following input devices:



Foot Mouse – like a standard mouse, but controlled with a foot

Imperium Sip and Puff

Audio Control – Using a standard microphone (basically responds to any noise).

Tap-Strap – Fixes on the hand and detects finger / hand taps

Foot Switch – A device that the foot rests on and can be pushed