How To Play

Information On Playing Games From

Installing Games

From Download

Games are provided in ZIP format from my website.

Just click the link the link in the confirmation email, the game should start downloading into your downloads folder.

If this doesn’t work, copy and paste the link into the browser address bar.

It will take a few minutes to complete the download.

Once downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder, usually Downloads and double-click the ZIP download. Select Extract All.

A new folder will appear, open that folder and click on the game file.

All games are set up to detect a left mouse button press (or continued press) or space. This can be done using the mouse, or any other device or switch system that returns a left mouse button press.

For testing purposes when I created the games, I used a Simple Switch Interface from  :

The games have also been successfully tested on other switch input devices.

As such, any input device, which can be connected via a 3.5mm plug can be used to play the games – providing it can be set up to emulate a mouse left button or space bar press.

Additionally, a range of USB based game controllers can be set up to emulate mouse button presses, using the awesome software from

Using this software you can assign any button (or all if you wish) to emulate mouse input. If you find this software useful, please consider purchasing a license at:

Playing Games

When a game is started, it will automatically display information about the game, it’s creators and sponsors.

When the main screen displays it will automatically scroll through three options, easy, medium and hard. Easy mode is very slow and gives you extra time to provide input, medium mode plays at the standard game speed, hard mode is very hard and taxing and reserved for hard-core gamers only! Just click when the desired option is highlighted.

I’m always looking for suggestions and ideas for the games, and would love to receive any feedback. Drop me an email at:

Custom versions

Should you require a custom version, or additional changes made to any game, drop me a message to the above email – I may be able to accommodate.